About CFD Collection

The CFD Collection it is a serie of  12 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) courses for Aeronautic, Aerospace,  Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics and also for some researchers that want to have a quick reference easy to access. The interactive Graphical User Interface and the multi-page reader are the most important feature of this books on CD. The high level and professionalism of the contents of these courses make from them an important tools for students and researchers.These courses are at the first version and we want to develop it with the help of the work of other specialists that want to take part to the elaboration of this and future collections.

Our collection is open and our members of Editorial Board will be very happy with other collaboration to these courses are two possibility to access the contents of the book:

- the user can click on the item of the contents and a panel with the book page will be shown or

- the user can click buttons from panels and he will see the page wished.

You can open until 100 pages in the same time and close them when you want.  


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