Hyper Technology Software have  the possibility to ensure CFD Consulting  for diverse engineering applications for aeronautic, automotive, ship, mechanics, physics, biology, medical technology.

- aerodynamics study of aircraft airfoils, helicopter blades, eolian blades, turbomachinary blade.

- subsonic, transonic and hypersonic, electrodynamic, magnetohydrodynamics study of 2D and 3D bodies.

- external and internal flow,  steady and unsteady,  turbulence, cavity, heat transfer for complex geometries and complex fluids.

- particle dispersion, pollution, separation.

- multiphase, Newtonian or non-Newtonian fluids, reactive or not

- atmosphere study, turbulence, tornado.

- biological fluids, condensation, molecular dynamics, proteins, colloids 

- thermal study, heat transfer

- capillarity

- optimization and geometry proposal for diverse CFD solutions


We have a very large experience to code software for solving many kind of equations from Fluid Dynamics ( Navier Stokes, Boltzmann, Euler, Burger,etc ), Magneto-Hydrodynamics, Electromagnetism, Plasma Physics, Combustion, Molecular Dynamics, Statistics ( Monte Carlo), Lattice, Noise, Hydrodynamics, Stability, Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Gravitation, Hypergeometry,  Quantum Chemistry, and more that can help us on CFD Consulting .

Our software HyPER or some licensed commercial software CFX - ANSYS, ICEM or other can help us solving your project at a high level of perfection.

Some experimental data base results sometime can give us the possibility to compare the theoretical solutions and take a right decision.

Specialized software: 

CFX-5.5, CFX-TurboGrid, CFX-TascFlow, BladeGen, ICEM-CFD Hexa, STL, OpenGL, DirectX, IMSL, Matrox, CFD, Fluent,  Tiger, NUMECA, Star CD, ProE, CAD, Qt, TurboCAD


ALT SOFTWARE   OptoSecurity

Microsoft  Qt - Nokia  InstallShield - Flexera

Honestech  Hp  Adobe  Corel  Norton

Linux-RedHat  Matlab

CFD Consulting and Software Development

Our CFD Consulting and Software Development department,  will receive your Application concerning the project that you intend to let us solving it.

We will review your project and we decide if we have the possibility to do this project for you.

You will receive a Contract Agreement that will be signed by you and Hyper Technology Software and after this Hyper Technology Software will begin working with you.

We can work from Us or from your location in function of the project and our possibility to come to your location.

The prices and the technology involved in solving your project will be decided by Hyper Technology Software and You our Client.

In some situations, when we will work at your place, we will accept a contract from you in the terms that will be accepted by Hyper Technology Software and You our Client. Please, Contact Us.

Our team with has more than 25 years of experience on Computational Flow Physics.

Highly sophisticated strengths in Applied Mathematics, Computational Fluid, Dynamics Flow, Theoretical Physics, Heat Transfer.

Team with excellent skills in software development including:  design and implementation of new projects as well as the creation of enhancements and maintenance of existing software products.

Well developed ability to conceptualize research, organize and implement.

Excellent abilities to complete responsibilities within assigned deadlines.

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