Publishing and Editing Books on CD, with very interactive software, multi-page reader,

for Windows, Windows CE, Smartphone, Black Berry, iPhone, Tablets!

Publish and Edit with us, nothing so simple!

A book on Smartphone, easier way to take with you !

About your manuscript

Take a moment to review the following questions about your manuscript. If your answer is yes to any of the following questions, we can still publish your book, but we are unable to provide you with an on-line quote using this form.  Call us first if:

  • your book is a previously published, camera-ready, out-of-print book that you would like us to republish on CD

  • your manuscript is only in handwritten, typed or printed form that will require us to type or scan it to create a computer file

  • you need us to create custom illustrations for your book 

  • your book is in another computer file format than MS Winword that we accept

       For pricing,  more information or to place an order, please contact us.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these optional services, please call us at +1-519-743-6032.

Marketing Services


An editor will read your manuscript and correct punctuation, grammar, spelling errors, and any other obvious mechanical problems with the text. We cannot guarantee perfection, and that is why, after the copy editing is complete, you will have the opportunity to read a proof of the book's interior and cover text so that you can approve all of the text prior to your book's publication.

More extensive developmental editing is also available.

Some Rights 

Each author grants Hyper Technology Software the nonexclusive worldwide right to publish his or her manuscript in book form.


Hyper Technology Software  pays royalties equaling 20% of Publisher Print Receipts (the payments we receive for the sale of the book, less any returns).



About Reading Software

We are publishing books on CD for Windows operating system, for Desktop Computer and Smartphone.

To read the book we develop a software to create the pages for every chapter, section or subsection.

The Graphical User Interface showing buttons and panels with the contents of the book gives to a book a very high interactive, clarity and easier way to be read.

This kind of books are recommended for everyone that want a quick access to a documentation, to diverse pages and to have a possibility to compare contents of the book. A sample of CD book with some buttons and panels (pages) open in the sometime is shown on Bookstore.

We have also the possibility to sell the book on downloadable software without using the CD or boxes for packaging.

About Cover and Boxes

The book can be published on CD with CD or DVD case. 

These can be wrapped direct or packed into diverse kind of boxes with hymes tuck top 5th panels, straight tuck end or other presentations.

The boxes, the CD or DVD sleeves are designed in our company with a specialized graphical design software.

The printing of the CD and sleeves of the CD or DVD case are printed into our company too.

The boxes are ordered to a another company.


Placement and Availability to Bookstores

Your book will be listed on Barnes and,,, and, four of the most visited on-line bookstores. We will also make your book available on our own on-line bookstore.

Ingram Book Group, the largest wholesaler of books in the United States, supplies books to bookstores, museums, libraries, and other buyers worldwide.

Ingram will list your book, enabling virtually any bookstore or volume book buyer in the world to order it.

ISBN, UCP, LCCN and Other Registrations

Your book will be assigned its own ISBN (International Standard Book Number), and will be listed in R. R. Bowker's Books in Print.

We will also place your book in the Library of Congress and obtain an LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) for your book.

You also have the option of having Hyper Technology Software arrange copyright registration through CIP Canada or the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress on your behalf.

Additional Services

-Republishing out-of-print books on CD

-CD-ROM with your book's cover and interior

-Reediting the CD into a new version

-Manuscript data entry, scanning, and OCR (optical character recognition)

-Assistance with obtaining copyright permissions




Software and Book Layout

We will use a software for an unique layout for the text of the book. It will be designed panels with buttons for the contents of the book, chapters, section or subsections and panels where the list with the book pages with an overall format, header, footer style and fonts that fit with the subject of your book will be also designed.

The interactive software of the book will be chosen in function of how do you want your book to be accessed by reader

Sample Copies

You will receive 5 sample copies of your book on CD upon publication.

You may purchase additional books at your author's discount of 40% off  the list price.

You will respect the software License Agreement do not make illegal copy and to distribute them without of the accord of Hyper Technology Software.

Cover Art

We will create a full-color cover that is unique to your book, CD or DVD sleeves, CD printing, internal art design.

Internal Graphics or Art Design.




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