It seam strange to see a CFD company looking of some phenomena from 1001 Nights: levitation, transmutation, teleportation, solid penetration, invisibility, things that we belive be a realization of our imagination.

We ignored many years a reality that is so old and can change our world.

These kind of phenomena are very well controlled by our mind and self-hypnoses can reproduce some of them.

Today there are some great magicians: David Coperfield, Cris Angel, Luc Langevin, Blaire able of mind manipulation. By eliminating what we call trick we can have a veritable proofs of the existence of  levitation, teleportation, solid penetration, transmutation and many.

The problem is that our theoretical physics has trouble when needed to explain them or to create a theory for a  numerical computation  and simulation.

We know that the magnetism, electricity, electromagnetism play a role in this kind of  phenomena but it is not all. Something is missing from our  quantic or classic theory that make us sceptic on believing on their existence.

Maxwell, Faraday, Crook and many other big names in our today Physics examinated many persons able to levitate, penetrate solid surface without destruction, transmutation in  view to write a mathematical and physical theory to explain these and to be able to reproduce and utilize.

The INTERNET today is full of new theories that try to explain many of these phenomena but a mathematic theory is missing.

The subject is very long and can take many volumes to write how much was written about this.

Hyper Technology Software has a mathematical and physical theory and we will try to simulate some of this phenomena in connection with a controlled experimentation.

The hypnosis and some brain understanding from Hypnosis Motivation Intelligence www.hypnosismotiv.com will help us to create a theory able to see the matter from another point of view.

"Sometimes,  many millions  are needed 

for forgiveness of what is done and cannot be undone."



Appolonius of Tyana was able to self  teleport , become invisible and he was considered an Jesus of hid time.

Penetration of a ring through table solid pat without destruction. The two wooden rings were strung on the catgut, in complete preservation, encircling the leg of the small table. The catgut was tied in two loose knots, through which the endless bladder band was hanging uninjured. (Burning smell and increased temperature was observed)

Self  levitation of Saint . Self hypnosis can create levitation with an imagination of lifting and suggestion of being light like a feather or being lift by some kind of balloons.

No aerodynamic form is needed for lifting.

Egypt hieroglyph about levitation.

Levitation, electricity, aeronautics, antigravity were knew by the Egypt pyramid time but the technology of levitation and antigravity is not yet understood on the today science.

Telekinesis: levitation and movement of a coffee cup.

Many testes where done with some subjects able to levitate and move  diverse objects by mind. No magnetic or electromagnetic energy was registered between the subject and the object moved.

Non equilibrium position with self hypnosis.

He imagined a heavy legs stuck on the margin of the pot.

(Lucy Languid illusionist and physician in science)

Free infinite electricity - YouTube

The spark of high voltage electricity can induce a continue flow of electricity and no need for a power supply.

Ed Leedskalinin antigravity - Coral Castle

A V magnets wheel and many kind of coils where used to carve and move big coral stones of some tones weight with a movement  of a finger.

See the rotating door from image.

Antigravity of  Vimana  - India

The beautiful Indian temple and some machine name Vimana where able to levitate and to move with the speed near the light speed and being to the control of mind and into an unknown hallow that protect them and create antigravity.

There are some examples from hundred that can be found and not solved by science.

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