Hyper Technology Software  has its own software, HyPER  for study the fluid and matter from macromolecular through micromolecular for many engineering applications. This software help us to simulate more physical and molecular phenomena that are now studied only by experiment.

The engine of the software is based on Lattice Boltzmann 2D and 3D for fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, quantum physics.

The new methods and models and the comparison with some experimental results make from the HYPER software one of the best in this field.

HYPER  have many specialized blocks easy to update with new methods.

This software has an advantage of passing very easy an application from macromolecular to micromolecular or inverse. The simulation can show us what happens with an application in two worlds very different.

We try to include new theoretical approach for levitation, teleportation, transmutation and matter penetration.

The software include 3D Navier Stokes equations, unsteady-steady, compressible-incompressible, turbulent with heat transfer, electromagnetic study, Schrodinger and quantum study.

The lattice methods are discretised with difference finite, volume finite for 2D and 3D for diverse kind of fluids, geometries and for many physical models simulation. The entire life cycle of engineering software was applied for.

Study the Chapman and Enskog , BKG, method for Boltzmann equation, LBM, LBE, solver (collisions, polymolecular, hypersonic shock tube, Schrodinger, Dirac equations, Statistics, Physics  etc.) Experimental technique for features of fluids detection into shock tube.

Eddy structure identification techniques for free turbulent flow, DNS, LES, POD, CFD and Aerodynamics Applications


Windows, Linux, Sun (UNIX), DEC (OSF), IBM (AIX), SGI (IRIX), Hp

Informatics languages

C, C++, C#, Qt, NET, OpenGL, TclTk, embedded software, FORTRAN digital, 90,77,66, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, Visual Studio .Net, SQL, MySQL


Our company is able to develop software in diverse programmation languages:  C#, C/C++, J++, J#, VB, Perl,  FORTRAN, OpenGL, DirectX, using Windows or Linux operating system.

For GUI development we can use: Visual Studio, Visual C++, C#, MFC, Qt, Tkl/Tk . Some given ergonomic or research studies show us which is the best GUI for a customer and help us to develop a modern interface between users and engine code.

A rich collection of numerical methods used to model and simulate a multitude of problems can be considered also.

Element finite, volume finite or difference finite, variational computational, tensorial computational, can be some basic methods for our codes. We have a continue research to find new methods and models for many equations or physical problem simulation.

Meshing, grid generation, adaptation, lattice,  are other specializations of our company.

Some visualization software using OpenGL can be given for some simulations.

A large experience using or developing commercial software gives us the possibility to create software at high level using OO, UML or diverse optimization techniques.

We can develop a complete projects with installation or part of the project.

In general our code is subject of Licensing Agreement and is sold on compiled  or source form.

Our analytical skill in developing new kind of projects, using new methods and models or creating new one under the copyrights and intellectual property law gives Us the possibility to menage any physical or mathematical problem for your simulation.

We have a very large experience to code software for solving many kind of equations from Fluid Dynamics ( Navier Stokes, Boltzmann, Euler, Burger,etc ), Magneto-Hydrodynamics, Electromagnetism, Plasma Physics, Combustion, Molecular Dynamics, Statistics ( Monte Carlo), Lattice, Noise, Hydrodynamics, Stability, Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Gravitation, Hypergeometry,  Quantum Chemistry, and more.

We can develop libraries with diverse specializations with a very good documentation for the contents. Documentation on pdf or other formats for the software.

We are licensed for the software used to develop our product and we are able to have more other licenses for future work or contracts.

Our software is validate after a large tests created for this purpose. For some special validations we can use some experimental results from diverse Database.

The high quality asked by a commercial software is respected by our products


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